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steel framing

Steel Framing Production

Our advanced steel framing production capabilities ensure durable and efficient structures. We utilize cutting-edge technology to fabricate high-quality steel components for your construction projects.



Our experienced engineering team provides comprehensive engineering solutions tailored to your project requirements. From structural analysis to system design, we deliver innovative and reliable engineering services.



Our skilled construction professionals bring your vision to life. With attention to detail and quality craftsmanship, we ensure the seamless execution of your construction project, delivering exceptional results on time and within budget.

concrete production

Concrete Production

We offer top-quality concrete production for your construction needs. Our state-of-the-art facilities and expert team deliver a reliable supply of high-performance concrete, meeting the specifications of
your project.

architectural design

Architectural Design

Our creative architectural design team transforms ideas into inspiring spaces. We blend aesthetics and functionality to create innovative designs that reflect your vision while considering sustainability and energy efficiency.

project management

Project Management

Our dedicated project managers ensure smooth coordination and efficient execution of your construction project. From initial planning to final completion, we handle all aspects, ensuring timely delivery, cost control, and quality assurance.

Our System

Arfil, question of logic...

Arfil is a structural system based on load-bearing walls that are braced
together, forming a mesh that gives the whole greater resistance, flexibility and superior response to wind and seismic movements.
A new model that is faster to build, respectful of the environment and
adapted to the needs of each project.

many documented benefits can be attributed to Arfilbrau steel structures, some of which can be qualified as financial and others of technical and environmental value, among which we highlight the following:

Through a system of self-supporting panels, thanks to the ductility of the
steel profiles, it is ideal for pre-assembly, both in the workshop and on site

In our paneling plant, the different components that will make up the panel are assembled, according to the different variants of the project. Ideal for areas with adverse weather conditions.

The panels arrive at the site ready to be joined together; time is
surprisingly short.

Direct construction costs are reduced compared to traditional construction, aided by the notable reduction in labor and speed of execution.

Why Choose Our System


Its lightness and simplicity of assembly, as well as the possibility of assembling it in the factory, drastically reduces construction time compared to the traditional construction system.


The possibility of using the most advanced insulation systems, without increasing the thickness of the walls, prevents energy loss and optimizes consumption.


Its structural versatility and the possibilities of its finishes make this system the ideal option for any type of architectural design.


The optimization of the materials used, the shorter assembly time and its simplicity of design and development, have an impact on a final cost that is lower than that of traditional construction.


Unlike the traditional system, the structure is assembled dry, avoiding the inconvenience of construction with brick and cement.


The pre-assembly in the factory and the dry assembly of the system reduce the production of waste on site, thus avoiding the environmental impact that this would entail.

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